Choicefulness – An Open Floor Day with Audrey Boss – 31st May, 2024

Choicefulness - Self-regulation is simply the process of making choiceful responses to our needs

An Open Floor workshop with Audrey Boss
Leamington Spa - 31 May, 2024
11am - 5pm - £45

A day to relish the aliveness of possibility. To drop in and listen to the language of your body. On this workshop, we will explore how we decide where we go next on the dance floor - what shapes and moves we choose to make now... And now... And now.... We will invite more freedom and creativity into our movement practice and resource ourselves with music, movement, dance and community.

Audrey is an author, coach & trainer with 25 years’ experience and has been teaching embodied movement since 2015. As a teacher of Open Floor movement practice, Audrey is passionate about cultivating awareness through the moving body and facilitating spaces that are inclusive of everyBODY.