Healing the Burning Times

Healing The Burning Times

On  Saturday, 6th April, 2019 at the Clarendon Centre, Leamington Spa Cali White held her Radical Workshop for Women – Healing the Burning Times.
The Burning Times smashed up sisterhoods and taught women to play small to survive, leaving them feeling powerless, isolated, unsafe and unsupported.  Even though the reality of hanging and burning is long gone, many of us still feel this way 300 years later.  Our “Witch” Ancestors may be dead but they live on in us both in spirit and in our behavioural patterns.
In this one-day workshop you will be guided to clear these wounds through a creative journey, weaving ritual, ceremony, drum-journeying, and archetype work into a nourishing and powerful experience that seeks to :

  • restore our sovereignty
  • reclaim the gifts of our Witch ancestors
  • heal our inherited trauma
  • repair our broken ancestral lineages
  • recreate supportive sisterhood

This is a collective wound which requires collective healing in sisterhood.
Come for yourself and come for us all.
Its time to heal together!  And when we do, magic happens!

It was a truly magical day, and, the magic continued afterwards as healing flowed.  If you are interested in this work with Cali follow her thirteen moon pilgrimage at www.loveisourpower.com.


Debbie qualified as an acupuncturist (Lic Ac) in 1986, in group work in 1988, and as a counsellor in 1991, gaining her degree (BSc Hons Counselling) in 1999. Debbie has been supervising other therapists since 2005.  She continues to engage in learning!

She juggles these professions in private practice and enjoys the interplay between them. Her ongoing interest is in self-esteem, what creates it, what destroys it, what rebuilds it.

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