Group Facilitation

group facilitation

Why we need groups?

Some issues we can resolve on our own through personal reflection, journaling and conversation, some in one-to-one therapeutic relationship, and others are best worked with in a group.  This is probably because our formative experiences in life were in the group of a family of some description, and so perhaps only in another group can we really access our place, the role we developed, and make the lasting changes we want to make.

I trained in group facilitation with the first Midlands cohort of the pioneering parenting education programme, Parent Link, at The Parent Network (1988) going on to train with the first UK facilitator training in Community Building in Britain (1993).  I have co-created and facilitated workshops in Anger, Assertiveness, Bereavement and Suicide Awareness, Bullying, Celebrating Menstruation, Conflict Resolution, Communication Skills, Community Building, Mediation, Parenting and Stress Management.  Every year I work with Women in Power, a women’s initiation and empowerment programme, offer various retreats, and regularly co-facilitate Death Cafes.


I facilitate both one-off and ongoing groups.
I am particularly interested in facilitating
supervision groups, co-gender and women’s groups and parents’ groups.

Supervision Group
Please go to Supervision page.

Co-Gender Group

If you have travelled the depths of personal development work and are interested in working with the issues that arise when faced with otherness, both internally and externally, Geof Elvyhart and I welcome you to a co-gender circle beginning on Sunday, 20th October.  Please make contact in the first instance.

Women’s Group
If you are interested in exploring the issues arising from being a woman in the twenty-first century, in receiving and giving support to women, and if the following quote intrigues you, then please contact me so that we can talk through the procedure of setting up a group.

‘How might your life be different, if there were a place for you to go, whenever you feel overwhelmed by the power of your feelings?  If you could be received by women gathered in a circle and helped to witness your feelings ... and to trust their truth?  If the women would build up the fire and let you dance out your feelings ... your pain and anguish and hurt ... even your wordless rage?  And, as the fire burned low and you rested from your dance, you could look into the glowing embers ... and wonder how it might have been different for your mother and grandmother before you, if they had been received by women, long before ... (who) could have helped them believe that they might bring truth to bear where it was needed?  How might the lives of all of us be different?' Judith Duerk, I Sit Listening to the Wind.

Parents’ Group
These groups are open to all involved with children - parents, step-parents, grandparents, carers, guardians, teachers, teaching assistants - anyone who is interested in improving relationships with children will benefit from a parents’ group.  Usually held over twelve two-hour sessions at a frequency to suit you and your group.

Groups are restricted to a maximum of twelve people.  

Frequency of meeting, venue and fee by negotiation.