It may seem to be a strange thing to post about endings when you have not even begun the healing work of acupuncture or counselling, and, there are so very few opportunities for conscious, satisfying endings in our society, it is vitally important to experience them wherever possible.  How many of you have experienced sudden loss in your life?  Those people who have died without the opportunity to say goodbye.  Perhaps your last words with them were not what you would have wished.  Perhaps you hadn’t told them that you loved them.  Perhaps they took their own life and you are left wondering what you could have done differently, and whether it would have made a difference?  Or perhaps you have experienced sudden ending of another kind, perhaps you were made redundant from a much loved job, or the work changed out of all recognition so that you had to let it go, and weren’t given the chance to end in an honourable way.  Perhaps you have suffered a health crisis and have suddenly lost the carefree life you had before without being able to fully appreciate it, and honour all that it was, and what your life can be now.

Conscious ending allows us to honour all that has passed between us in the time we have worked together, all that has been learned, all that you would have liked to be different, all that worked well.  A conscious ending enables us both to grow.  It is a conscious rounding of the circle of our work.


Debbie qualified as an acupuncturist (Lic Ac) in 1986, in group work in 1988, and as a counsellor in 1991, gaining her degree (BSc Hons Counselling) in 1999. Debbie has been supervising other therapists since 2005.  She continues to engage in learning!

She juggles these professions in private practice and enjoys the interplay between them. Her ongoing interest is in self-esteem, what creates it, what destroys it, what rebuilds it.

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