Elemental Lodge Retreat


As we left the fiery heights of Summer and grounded into Late Summer
we offered this transformative weekend retreat to gently rebalance,
honour your body and the body of our Mother Earth.

Over this glorious weekend retreat Suzy Saunders and I had the immense privilege of guiding women through the five elements, culminating in a sweat lodge, at Suzy’s gorgeous retreat centre in the Lake District – Sunny Brow Farm http://www.sunnybrowfarm.co.uk.  We included a blend of body, mind and soul nourishment, with opportunities to delve deep into the mysteries of the sweat lodge through the prism of the elements.
This was a retreat space to look after Self and the health of body, mind and soul with yoga, nutritious food, five element awareness, ritual and ceremony, as well as the purification of sacred sweat lodge.  A space to deepen connection, help feel ourselves as Earth beings and re-member the connection to the beauty of life, and to allow and bring all that we are in to this space.
In essence a retreat to come home to your true self, to your earth body, and to strengthen your relationship with the body of our earth.



Debbie qualified as an acupuncturist (Lic Ac) in 1986, in group work in 1988, and as a counsellor in 1991, gaining her degree (BSc Hons Counselling) in 1999. Debbie has been supervising other therapists since 2005.  She continues to engage in learning!

She juggles these professions in private practice and enjoys the interplay between them. Her ongoing interest is in self-esteem, what creates it, what destroys it, what rebuilds it.

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