Outside the Box – a live show about death – followed by a Death Cafe – a place to talk about death and loss

OUTSIDE THE BOX – A LIVE SHOW ABOUT DEATH was followed by a beautifully deep, connecting and filled with humanity Death Cafe

Liz Rothschild brought her brilliantly reviewed one woman show OUTSIDE THE BOX to Leamington Spa!  Liz describes it as “a live show about death”.  You will laugh, you will cry, you will most definitely be moved!

So many of you came to The Town Hall yesterday for Liz’s show, to be moved, connected and inspired by her witty, insightful, personal and intelligent take on death, and the dying “industry”.  All followed by an opportunity to talk to Liz, and then a Death Cafe with Celia and I that continued and deepened the discussion, and to bring people together in our shared humanity.

We have now held several Death Cafes in Leamington and elsewhere.  We keep it “organic”, allowing the next to arise from within, from what we feel able to give with overflowing hearts.
Stay in touch with our plans here or on the Death Cafe website www.deathcafe.com.

Join us if you’re interested in talking about death and dying in a supported and caring environment. Booking is Essential.

Debbie Collins has worked as a therapist for over thirty years, and trained in bereavement awareness early in her career after finding her way through early devastating losses. Celia Spiers’ writes: my life struggles with difficult, challenging times have meant facing death and its place in my living. Even people close to me found it almost impossible to talk to me about this and I was delighted to discover my first Death Cafe. A safe, gentle, comfortable space. It is a pleasure to share this with others – a place to listen, learn and eat cake!

A Death Cafe is a scheduled non-profit get-together for the purpose of talking about death over food and drink, usually tea and cake. The goal of these nonprofit groups is to educate and help others become more familiar with the end of life. Wikipedia

Check out the Death Cafe website www.deathcafe.com for more information about the principles and ethics to which we subscribe.


Debbie qualified as an acupuncturist (Lic Ac) in 1986, in group work in 1988, and as a counsellor in 1991, gaining her degree (BSc Hons Counselling) in 1999. Debbie has been supervising other therapists since 2005.  She continues to engage in learning!

She juggles these professions in private practice and enjoys the interplay between them. Her ongoing interest is in self-esteem, what creates it, what destroys it, what rebuilds it.

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