Corona Virus – Crisis and Opportunity

We have been in uncharted territory and have needed to make it up as we’ve gone along, with the best information we had available at the time. 

Many have likened the feelings arising at this time as being akin to the grief process – shock, denial, bargaining, depression/sadness, acceptance, and eventually, making meaning.  Some of us could use help charting these waters, especially if we have unworked grief from past losses.  I am a practised guide.

My call in time runs from 8.30 to 9 as usual.

Staying connected, accessing support, and staying as open as we possibly can, is so vital at this time.  Know that I am here.

With Love,



Debbie qualified as an acupuncturist (Lic Ac) in 1986, in group work in 1988, and as a counsellor in 1991, gaining her degree (BSc Hons Counselling) in 1999. Debbie has been supervising other therapists since 2005.  She continues to engage in learning!

She juggles these professions in private practice and enjoys the interplay between them. Her ongoing interest is in self-esteem, what creates it, what destroys it, what rebuilds it.

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