A Four Day Festival of History and Healing in Remembrance of the Pendle Witches! 17th – 20th August, 2023 in Lancaster, Lancashire On Friday, 18th August I am privileged to be holding space for Movement Through the Archetypes, being in our bodies to more fully embody the archetypes inherent in Witches, to enable more healing …

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Corona Virus – Crisis and Opportunity

We have been in uncharted territory and have needed to make it up as we’ve gone along, with the best information we had available at the time.  Many have likened the feelings arising at this time as being akin to the grief process – shock, denial, bargaining, depression/sadness, acceptance, and eventually, making meaning.  Some of …

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2020 – The year of perfect vision

So here we are in 2020, the stuff of science fiction fantasy when I was a child!  And yet, 2020 is here and the world is in some disarray.  We can step into fear in response to that disarray, or, we can step into connection, and from there to community. So, an invitation – to …

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Soulful Supervision

SOULFUL SUPERVISION GROUP A soulful supervision group for counsellors and psychotherapists ready to work at the intuitive edge, embracing and welcoming our wisdom, courage, passion and depth.  A place to truly bring all that you are and meet and be met by others in their wholeness. If you are interested in sitting in circle to …

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Climate Change

Many of us are grappling with news stories about how our climate is changing irrevocably and that species after species is dying out – that our Earth, our home as we know it, is dying.  We may want to disengage because it feels too painful to contemplate.  We may fear for our future.  If we …

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We Need To Talk About Death

On Thursday, 11th April, 2019 I was privileged, delighted and terrified to give a 6 minute 40 second talk at our local Pechakucha evening.  Pechakucha is Japanese for “chit chat” and was developed by people who were sick and tired of long and often boring Conference addresses.  So, the deal is 20 slides at 20 seconds per slide.  My chosen subject WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT DEATH.

Here are the slides WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT DEATH.pptx

An Italian Grief – a journey through loss

Reading Phoebe Lambert’s article on “The Bereaved Counsellor” I felt challenged to make some shape of the thoughts that had been with me throughout the aftermath and burial of my father-in-law. It may seem like a strange thing to say but, after many years of therapy, group work and personal work with my partner, going …

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What’s going on in the world

One day this week I heard that there had been earthquakes in New Zealand again – something of great import to me (because I have family and beloveds there). Apparently, it was several weeks ago and I hadn’t heard. I’ve concluded it must have been while I was away on the latest stage of the …

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Creating Conscious and Meaningful Endings

How often in life are we able to end consciously and meaningfully? Recently a client didn’t show up for her appointment. I was surprised because she had confirmed and had been reliable in the past. As usual I waited a few minutes before messaging to ask if everything was alright,  if she had perhaps been …

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