Beliefs and Values

I am passionate about change and awed by our ability as human beings to heal - to move away from choices that are no longer working, to envisage futures that may not have been dreamed about before, to learn new ways of being in the world that are more satisfying and more YOU, to re-find the you that may have been lost in childhood or since, through work that has given less satisfaction than you’d hoped for, through relationships that have chipped away at who you essentially are, or other life experiences that have taken you away from yourself.  I am excited about working with all of life and its processes from birth (as both an acupuncturist and counsellor) all the way through life, offering annual retreats with colleagues (see News and Events), to death and dying as I’ve written about in An Italian Grief.  I have worked with the Kicking the Bucket Festival of Living and Dying, held in Oxford periodically - if you’d like to know more go to - and I love the growing Death Cafe movement, co-facilitating regular Death Cafes see  I have recently contributed to the book Outside the Box by Liz Rothschild  covering many aspects of death and dying provided through 350 personal stories collected by Liz when touring her show, and containing down to earth, reliable advice.

My work is based in Carl Rogers’ belief that when we co-create a safe, nurturing environment it is possible to heal from our past wounds.  I also subscribe to Carl Jung’s work on the human shadow and working with the soul.  In my experience Five Element AcupunctureCounsellingGroup WorkSupervision, the sweat lodge ceremony and creative expression all enable and facilitate this healing process in their own ways.

From childhood I’ve been fascinated by what lies beneath the surface of human experience.  What is really going on behind the words?  This fascination has continued into finding and working with the underlying cause of disease with acupuncture, and what lies beneath the known, in the unconscious, through counselling, group work and supervision.  I am excited by the wealth of resources that are available when we work with all of who we are.  I have been consciously and fiercely devoted to my own personal development all my adult life, seeking out the best routes for my ongoing growth, maturity and healing.

You can read more about my knowledge and experience on the relevant pages - what you most need to know about me though, you can’t learn from a website and so I offer a free introductory session to enable us to meet and decide whether we feel able to work together.

Out beyond

ideas of wrongdoing

and rightdoing

there is a field.

I'll meet you there.

Jalal-al-Din Rumi

(13th century Persian poet and mystic)