Find new ways of being in the world 

Healing with Acupuncture,
Counselling or Group Work


Choose to work with me and you will engage in your own healing process with a very experienced guide, whether you choose Acupuncture, Counselling or Group Work.

As a practising therapist seeking individual or group Supervision, you will be working with a richly experienced therapist.





Traditional Chinese Medicine rebalances and supports the body’s natural health rhythms.

Group facilitation

Group facilitation

Some issues we can resolve on our own through personal reflection, journalling and conversation, some in one-to-one therapeutic relationship, and others are best worked with in a group. 



Counselling/therapy is about building a trustworthy relationship where you are able to reflect on issues deeply affecting your life.



The best supervision is both shame lifting and confidence building.

Healing brings more life to your life, enabling you to birth more and more of yourself, whatever your age and stage.

"Let yourself be seen.
Love with your whole heart.
Practise gratitude and joy.
Believe that you are enough."
Brene Brown - Ted talks


“This woman helped me through the menopause without one single drug.  She’s been guiding my wellbeing for sixteen years. I couldn’t recommend her more highly”.  MM

“I have found Debbie incredibly easy to talk to and her acupuncture is effective and to the point - you walk in there with all your troubles and walk out feeling amazingly better” DCW

"Supervision is such an important part of staying emotionally and mentally well when working in any talking therapy. This group is held firmly and gently by Debbie who gives us a safe space to reflect, learn and grow."  SB

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